Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wow, another great night out in Essex !

Essex Pac Region 102 would like to give a big thankyou to Nick Peat for giving us his first live talk to any region, a real eye-opener in so many ways! Nick's recollections of how he managed to get on certain waters in the past were a joy to behold! And those personal photos of his catches...awesome! Nick's talk ran us through the River Wye, Thurne and Chew reservoir to name a few and there's no doubting it, he has a very uncanny way of turning up and catching big pike using the bankside and deadbaits.

Yet another whopper of a turn-out at the Nags Head, the Essex PAC organisers are extremely pleased to see our county's pikers (plus a few from further afield may i add) turning up to give our speakers the support they deserve. Y'know, you have to remember these guys are just anglers and certainly not performers or public speakers. Yet they get up and give what is basically a live show, often with a 3hr set! Respect to them i say. The Essex region is getting quite a good name for ourselves i've been hearing. Well, we can't do it without the punters! So please please keep up the good work Essex and come on over once a month, you're always guaranteed great speakers and proper grub!

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