Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Massive teach-in for kids weekend, fantastic effort!

Over 2 days, Essex PAC with the help of the ADB and sponsored by Baits Direct, Pikemaster and Nash, taught over 60 kids how to catch pike! Every kid recieved a goodie bag full of piking gear to get them started, from rigs to floats and lures, all donated by members of 3 different pike forums and our sponsors for the event. We taught over 60 odd kids in the end. The same 60 odd came back on the Sunday to have another 3hrs but with a different coach and if they did live/deadbaiting one day, then the next was spent luring. It was a massive event to hold, not something i've personally ever been involved with but i'm pleased (and relieved!) to report that it all went without a glitch. Nearly every kid caught pike, most of them caught their first pike and it was a joy to behold. The first day, Saturday, brought kind weather and many fish were caught to lures, lives and deads and made many a kid's dream of catching for the first time. I'm not sure the kids realised the calibre of pike anglers at their disposal and i'm not sure we could ever arrange such a collection of top-drawer pikers ever again, but here are the names of anglers that had to teach between 1-3 kids per session..... The anglers that coached were.. Sat ........................................... Sun Steve Davidson Steve Davidson Dave Horton .Dave Horton Ade Kisbey Ade Kisbey Phil Wilkinson Phil Wilkinson Steve Rowley Steve Rowley Rob Tuffs John Goble Bill Palmer Bill Palmer Ron Lagdon Ron Lagdon Mark Brand Mark Brand Nick Peat Nick Peat Ray Pemberton Tony Myhill Chris Bielby Adam Todd Mickey Cox Mickey Cox John Currie John Currie Tim Kelly Martin Todd Eddie Turner Paul Percival Tony Richards Richard Twomey

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