Monday, 1 October 2012

Nathan Edgell rocks Essex PAC !

Essex Region 102 Pike Anglers Club GB Nathan Edgell with one of his great pike catches (left) and Sean Ellis and Nathan Edgell standing together for the obligatory pose at the end of the evening.
The new season of live talks started with a blockbuster at Essex PAC monthly meets, with Nathan Edgell (right) traveling from Weymouth to tell his story of how he has become one of the most consistent big pike captors last season. Nathan mainly fishes rivers and explained the importance of staying mobile, traveling light and keep moving on the bank until he finds feeding fish. Of course, a very different mentality to those catching carp who fix up their bivvys for the weekend and stay in one spot, Nathan can walk miles in one session and sometimes only spends as little as 5mins in one swim, before upping sticks and moving on. River pike are increasingly mobile, so Nathan explained the need to not only find them, but more importantly find feeding pike. With hundreds of captures since last year and an amazing 35 of those being over the magical 20lb, Nathan has certainly put in the legwork to pay dividends. Fishing with 50lb braid and strong pike rod, Nathan combined lures with live baits to produce the results. Nathan is a strong believer of a quick catch and release, he gets his fish in as quick as possible and they go back in the water double sharp, only taking photos of the big ones, thus prolonging the life of pike that are the most delicate of fish once out of the water. Nathan emphasized the Pike Anglers Club policy of returning your catch speedily, to aid recovery for the fish and hopefully catch even bigger another day! He went on to explain how to hook live baits, showed us his favorite lures and as a new member to the Pike Anglers Club of GB, also explained the importance of joining the biggest predator club in the UK. Of course, it wasn’t all serious stuff, as you can see here, Nathan had set himself a challenge of getting a big pike shot with his silly Xmas hat on!
Watch out for more live talks at Essex PAC. We combine the evenings with a piker’s raffle, free hot food and at Nathan’s talk we had FenTiger tackle from Harlow selling their fabulous quality pike gear at discount rates. We will be having fishmeets again this season, all levels of age, ability and experience are welcome, we try and put YOU on the fish ! Keep looking on for what’s coming up this season or contact Sean Ellis Regional Organiser Essex Region 102 Pike Anglers Club GB

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