Monday, 12 November 2012

Thanks to Steve Younger, another great night !

Steve Younger came to Essex PAC and talked about Zander in the Fens before the break, then his worldwide predator fishing. A funny and enlightening talk, Steve went down well with the Essex boys as we saw some outrageous big Zander photos of years gone by as he explained his love and determination in catching the species. After the break, Steve showed us his captures from Maylasia and Texas to rivers in Africa. From catching sharks off the beach, to garfish and marlin and sturgeon. A fantastic evening listening to Steve, our region would like to thank him for travelling down to Essex and giving us a night to remember. Once again, Fen Tiger were present with their display of pike products and we held a great piker's raffle, most people went home with something! Here's one of Steve in the wetstuff, from on the night..

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