Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pikeathlon 2013, coming to Essex PAC Fri 1.3.13

Well, after a year of planning, Pikeathlon finally gets underway. Two pikers travelling the length and breadth of the UK, get to fish for Diabetes UK and are helped by some top names and RO's from different PAC regions every day for 2 weeks. On Fri 1st March, they will fish Suffolk with the help of RO Jason Skilton then make their way into Basildon that night to be welcomed by us Essex boys, before fishing Essex the morning after with the Essex PAC RO Sean Ellis. Big thanks to Neil Warren for getting access onto a private Doe's Angling Club water for the day, we hope to catch them more fish than any other region !! The two guys, or Pikeathletes, competing are Shane Patterson RO and his mate Steve Davison, both from Darlington PAC and you can see their progress at On their visit to Essex PAC, we are welcoming the boys at the Winged Horse pub in Luncies Road, Basildon SS14 1SB where upon RO Shane Patterson will give a slideshow and talk on piking in the North East and both the lads will be telling us of their experiences so far after almost a week of Pikeathlon. A lower entrance fee of £3 to get in, Essex PAC will be donating to the charity cause and Fen Tiger will have their tackle stand for all piker's needs! Free hot grub provided on the night, expect to have a real giggle with Shane and Steve telling us of all their pike catches. PLEASE SUPPORT PIKEATHLON AND ESSEX PAC...... the itinery of their amazing charity fishing expedition will be as follows.... Date Region Guide R/O Sunday 24/02/2013 Rotherham & Sheffield RA99 Phil Heaton Phil Heaton Monday 25/02/2013 North Lincs (RA48) Nev Fickling Chico Winterton Tuesday 26/02/2013 Nottingham (RA26) Alan Dudhill Barry Smithson Wednesday 27/02/2013 South Lincs (RA72) Mick Brown Ashley Brown Thursday 28/02/2013 Norfolk (RA33) Dennis Moules John Currie Friday 01/03/2013 Suffolk (RA08) Jason Skilton Jason Skilton Saturday 02/03/2013 Essex (RA102) Sean Ellis Sean Ellis Sunday 03/03/2013 Oxford (RA34) Dave Horton Vince Williams Monday 04/03/2013 Shakespeare (RA20) TBC Roger Howes Tuesday 05/03/2013 South Lancs (RA31) Eric Edwards John Neafcy Wednesday 06/03/2013 Ayrshire (RA52) TBC Scott Davidson Thursday 07/03/2013 Inverness (RA74) Micky Jones Rab Hay Friday 08/03/2013 Tayside (RA61) Brian Marshall Brian Marshall Saturday 09/03/2013 Darlington, Teesside & Durham (RA21/89) Shane Patterson Talks start on the evening Saturday 23rd with Rotherham & Sheffield RA99

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