Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Coaching Youngsters 2013 March Event

This year's event was held in conjunction with the Angling Trust led Essex County Angling Development group and sponsored by Eddie Turner Organised by myself and Angling Trust coach and PAC member Nick Watkins, we invited 20 lads to pike fish a lake in Basildon. Coaches included Colin Woodcock , Phil Wilkinson and Kevin Woodward who are PAC members, many thanks to them and all the other coaches on the day. Unlike last year's effort when we coached 80 kids, we were not bound by Sport England's requirements for funding so didn't have to coach that amount of kids and we wanted to have a sustainable amount to deal with this time, not least because we plan to run more events over the course of a year than just the one. We did teach a different set of lads though and i have invited them to a free day's fishing with me next season, on the requirement that they get their junior membership with PAC. The ages varied between 10 to 15yrs old for the majority. Glad to say the overnight rain had not put the pike off totally and is always the way, certain swims produced better than others so we moved the kids around the lake halfway through. To my knowledge, everybody caught, though i will confirm with Nick and like this season, i shall take them out myself next season to get them fish if they did indeed blank on Saturday. The coaches were treated to chicken,lettuce, mayo wraps at dinnertime and bacon sarnie in the morning ! Many, many thanks to Eddie Turner for supplying some great tackle to pass onto the young lads that attended and stayed all day, we are forever grateful for tackle donations . We at Essex PAC Region 102 are committed to a programme that will bring on the pikers of tomorrow, that's 100 youngsters who have learnt the basics and will come find the Pike Anglers Club when they are ready. We have many more ideas (one involves catching a plane before we catch pike!) and are having great FUN implementing them every year. Essex and out. Essex PAC Region 102 , lovingly known as the The 102 Club Give our site a visit and say hello on facebook

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