Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FREE Under 18 Club for Essex PAC

Now is the time for all those young budding pikers in Essex to join our Under 18 club....and it's all FREE ! We at Essex PAC towers will be offering advice on tackle, watercraft, rigs, venues and much more. We'll be having guest speakers talk to our juniors at a time when they can attend, i.e. not late on a school night! The first talk will be given by Essex PAC RO Sean Ellis with some unseen special photos of some of the world's biggest pike captures. We aim to get youngsters out fishing together, whether it's older teenagers or dads and lads. Those who are a bit unsure as to where to go and what to do, now is the time to join up in readiness for the new season. We'll be onto our sponsors for some free tackle to hand out, we'll show you how to tie your own traces and what wire to use and show you how to handle pike on the bank or if possible, in the water. If we consider you to be a very able angler for your age, then we'll put you forward to sponsors! But most importantly, the emphasis is on FUN......... SO, HOW DO YOU JOIN THE UNDER 18 CLUB ? Simple....just email and get your name down. Do you have to be a PAC member to join our junior club? NO. Will you have to join the PAC in the future? It's up to you, certainly we suggest everybody that cares for the sport, should join the Pike Anglers Club and show their support.

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