Thursday, 21 August 2014

Essex Eelchasers, two new fishmeets as we await the new pike season..

Hi, emails have been sent out, giving details on two fishmeets that are being held on Fri 5 Sept (overnight) and Sun 7 Sept (midday till dusk). The idea is to raise some funds for the Region, meet up and get slimey !
The Essex Eelchasers will be after the elusive eels, both meets are central Essex area, one of which could prove a real challenge.
If you've never caught Eels by design, let us try and help out with bait and rigs etc, for old Anguilla is somewhat of an elusive creature. You're talking about a fish that can go without food for up to two years, swim backwards and climb up and travel over land. The fight from a specimen eel is certainly an experience you wont forget, you must not give them an inch. Although they eject hooks easily, deephooking is certainly best not practiced and the takes are often swift and savage, being sat over your rods is a must or you'll miss the bites !
Finding whether they take deadbaits or naturals like worm or maggot, sometimes they'll go for all three including sea deadbaits. The dropped runs or missed takes and eels coming off the hook are synonymous  with the sport. The fish are mostly unknown and stocks vary, a water can produce just when you think it won't. We take you to two great venues for specimen eels and challenge you, as an angler, to pit your wits.

If you are not a member, no problem if you'd like to join in the fun, just email for details of both meets. All we ask is a fiver donation to the Region once from all anglers. Speak to Sean Ellis RO now, if you have not received an email from us but want to come fishing    :)   Time for a challenge !

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